A Quilt for Wendi

100_0239In the mid 1990s (when I was working part time and had plenty of free time on my hands) I began piecing this quilt for my friend Wendi.  I worked on it right up until the time I came back to Oklahoma and resumed working full time.  I’ve always meant to get back to it, but never have.  To this point all of the work is done by hand.  The plan was to do everything by hand.  Even the quilting.  Well, times have changed and I no longer have that much free time on my hands.

This year Wendi will celebrate her 50th birthday and I would like to have this quilt done in time to give it to her.  Obviously, the only way that is going to happen is if I complete the rest of the work by machine, so that is what I’m going to do.

Time to get busy!

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A Quilt For Ken

A few days before Christmas Ken was purging his t-shirt drawer of shirts he no longer wears.  I noticed that some of them were shirts he still wanted to keep so I made them into a quilt for him. 



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The Muse Speaks

A few minutes after Darcy left from our last photo shoot for my book I decided the time had come to get back to work on my second One Block Wonder.  I had started this quilt several years ago, but never had the design wall free long enough to do the design work.  Before some other job had a chance to come along and claim the wall space I quickly put all the blocks up.  After that I spent about two weeks studying and rearranging them while working on customer projects.  Yesterday I finished sewing the blocks into a single unit that is now ready to go shopping for border fabric. 


I’m pretty sure I know what fabric I want for the main border, but it will have to wait until Wednesday when I’m at the quilt shop.

After finishing up this bit of sewing I moved on to a quilt top that I purchased at the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show this past weekend.


The stars are nicely hand pieced, but the yellow triangles were poorly added by machine and the top was also assembled by machine.  That yellow fabric is also a cheap polyester.  Other quilters would have taken the thing apart, replaced the yellow with a better fabric, and then put it back together.  At the very least the blocks should have been separated, squared up, and then put back together.  But I’m far too impatient for that.  I’d rather make a whole new top from scratch that fix any existing problems.  Besides, I only paid $20 for it.  What I did do was stabilize the outer edge by adding a border.  Just the right piece of fabric was sitting on my cutting table waiting for a home.


I have a pretty good idea how I want to quilt this, but it will have to wait its turn.  I’m hoping it won’t have to wait too long.

Next up on the design wall?  I have purchased the fabric for this year’s Hoffman Challenge.  The second I saw the fabric I knew what I would do with it.  Now I’d best get to work so that I’ll have some time to play later this week.

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Fracture Frenzy

F.Frenzy_CoverIt’s been five years, but I’ve finally put together all of my new fracturing ideas into a second book.  It’s currently at the printer and is available for advanced purchase here along with my first book Fabulous Fractures.


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2014 — The Year of the Muse

2013 has been a busy year.  I’ve finished up my terms on the boards of a couple of local guilds and I’m almost done writing my second book which is due out in January.  I have promised myself a full year off so that I can follow the whims of my muse.  This could mean anything from finishing off some of the many UFOs that are calling my name to getting started on a few more.  I have some other book ideas I would like to pursue and I just might make a few test quilts for them during this time.  The key is, I’m going to take the time to do what moves me.  Well, at least when I’m not busy quilting for my customers!

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A Fair Showing

It’s state fair time again and this year I managed to come up with 10 quilts to enter.  I think I did pretty well.

I won five first place ribbons this year.


I also won three second place ribbons.


Followed up by one each fourth and fifth pace.


As usual, I apologize for the poor focus.  Those glass panels really mess with my camera!

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Time Off

Yes, I know today is the day I should be working on my Nearly Insane project, but due to poor time management on my part I’ll be working on my guild’s raffle quilt instead.  NI will return next month.

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