Back to Work

It took a few days after returning from vacation, but I finally got back into my studio and back to work.  Over the weekend I did a custom quilting job on this adorable monkey quilt for a customer.  I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Yesterday I put together this quilt top for a friend of mine who is going through a really rough patch right now.  It's just a preprinted panel with a couple of borders, but it's a happy quilt I think.  Today I quilted it with an all over design.

At the OKC Winter Quilt Show one of the vendors who bought my book gave me a piece of fabric so that I could make a fracture that fits in with the fabrics she sells.  I finally took the time to make that up this afternoon.  She'll finish the block into a quilt top herself.

I now have four quilts waiting to be bound.  Guess that's tomorrow's focus!

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5 Responses to Back to Work

  1. SweetMisery says:

    The monkeys are adorable.

  2. Darcy says:

    Those monkeys are adorable! They all three look great.

  3. Tea says:

    love the monkeys too! 😀
    What beautiful creations you make!

  4. Brenda says:

    Thanks, but I only get credit for the quilting.

  5. Brenda says:

    What beautiful creations you make! Thank you very much. I popped over to your place and noticed your lovely crochet. Mine is not nearly as nice as yours.

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