QotD: My Competitive Side

What brings out your competitive nature?

Hi.  My name is Brenda and I'm a quilt show adict.  The more ribbons I win, the more I want.  This past fall I was able to add a big beautiful purple one to my collection.

I'll be looking to add more this summer.

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3 Responses to QotD: My Competitive Side

  1. Emeree says:

    You must be quite good if you've won all those ribbons. Congrats! My mother picked up this hobby a few years ago and enjoys it thoroughly, though I don't think she is interested in the competitive side of it. I would eventually like to pick up this hobby one day, too, but I need to get a bit better at sewing first.

  2. Brenda says:

    Thanks, Emeree. There's no reason for you to wait until you can sew better before you take up quilting. Most of the students who signed up for the beginning classes in my shop had hardly sewn a stitch in their lives. Go to your local quilt shop and sign up for a beginning class. I promise you'll be hooked for life! 8:-)

  3. Emeree says:

    I'll look into it. Might be fun to explore a new hobby. 🙂

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