March Challenge

The March challenge for B.O.B. is to make a hand block.  It can be any size, colors, or techniques, but must represent my own hand.  All the completed blocks will be given to our guild's outgoing president who is also a member of B.O.B. 

For my inspiration I used a hand that I had created several years ago while still teaching school.   This was a project I did as part of a teacher workshop.  It's a Xerox copy of my hand that I then decorated with colored pencils.  The purpose of the activity was to decorate the hand is such a way that it reflects my personality.  I remember the instructor telling me that she thought I had missed the point of the assignment.  I was more of the opinion that she didn't know anything about me.  Anyway, I liked the way it turned out so I've managed to hang on to it all these years. 

This challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity to rework my old project in fabric.  I began by choosing 5 fabrics that I think represent me.  Then I traced my hand onto a piece of fusible web (I actually traced my right hand because the image becomes reversed in the process).  Using this as a pattern I cut out pieces of fabric and sewed them together on the sewing machine to create the fabric from which my hand would be cut.  The fusible web was then applied to the back of the fabric and the hand was cut out.  After fusing it down to the background fabric I stitched the raw edge down on my sewing machine.  The only thing then left to do was to sign the block using a permanent ink pen.    

April's challenge: direct compliments

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