Pretty Ladies

One of my customers is a gentleman who likes to embroider.  He does up stacks of preprinted quilt blocks and then brings them to me to turn into finished quilts for his grandchildren.  This one is our latest collaboration.  There are twelve blocks, each done in different colors.  I have set them together with a solid lavender fabric and a tiny purple ginham check (he provided these fabrics). 

For the quilting I have gone around the ladies and the frames with monofilament thread, and filled the background with white thread.  The sashing and borders are quilted free hand with lavender thread.  I am quite pleased with the overall effect.  I will bind the outside edge with the gingham fabric cut on the bias.  

I have two other commissioned quilts currently in progress.  One is a t-shirt quilt for one of my husband's hunting buddies and the other one is for a young man's birthday in April.  I believe he will be turning 13 at that time.  I will post pictures of both quilts when I have something to show.

Tomorrow and Saturday I will be heading down to Lawton with Darcy to attend a quilt show.  Hope to have lots of nice pictures to share, but for now I must go bind this quilt!

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2 Responses to Pretty Ladies

  1. mad-tante says:

    Like Holly Hobby but more elegant.

  2. Brenda says:

    Like Holly Hobby but more elegant. Yes! I have an old shirt buried in my cedar chest on which I embroidered a large Holly Hobby on the back when I was in high school. This quilt keeps reminding me of that shirt.

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