I was upstairs a few minutes ago attaching the binding to a wall hanging.  I basted the sleeve in place and cut the threads at both ends with this pair of scissors.  I started stitching the binding into place.  I stopped after a few inches and cut off the thread tails with this pair of scissors.  I continued on around the quilt and when I got back around to the beginning and stopped I reached for the scissors to cut the threads again.  Gone.  Can't find them anywhere.  I looked all over my sewing table, under the table and chair, in the trash can.  I looked everywhere.  How can a pair of 8" scissors with bright orange handles vanish while I'm sitting there?  It had been less than five minutes since I last used them.  I never moved from the chair.  The door was shut and no one else (including cats) was in the room with me.  I finally gave up looking and came downstairs to get another pair of scissors.  I really thought these would have mysteriously returned while I was gone.  Nope.  Still gone.  If you should see them wandering around somewhere would you please tell them to come home?  They are missed.

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4 Responses to Lost

  1. Emeree says:

    My keys like to do this to me frequently, usually when I need to be somewhere and I'm running a little late. I usually find them after several minutes of frantic searching. Sometimes they have the help of cats, but other times they're found in places where I wouldn't normally put them. Makes me wonder if they do actually manage to grow legs and walk away.I hope you find your scissors soon.

  2. mad-tante says:

    In the rare case that I have to stitch something, I use my great-grandmother's sewing shears. They're not the wee brass crane or whatever that is that most people think of as sewing scissors. They're basically a small-ish (larger than the crane) set of scissors. What's kinda fun to think about is that she was 4'6" and I guess they fit her like normal shears would for somebody else. Anyhoo. Your lost scissors reminded me of them :)Hope you got them back!

  3. Brenda says:

    They're not the wee brass crane or whatever that is that most people think of as sewing scissors. Those are actually embroidery scissors and not good for much beyond cutting threads. But they are cute.
    Hope you got them back!Still haven't found them. Don't know if they'll ever resurface!

  4. Darcy says:

    LOL — Mine have been known to show up in odd places like on top, or inside of the refrigerator or my back pocket.

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