Yup.  Finally found 'em.  A little bit ago I went into my sewing room to grab my bin of 1930's reproduction fabrics so that I could paw through them looking for pieces I can use in our EQG raffle quilt (I'll tell you all about that later).  As I was digging through the bin I found my scissors in the bottom of it.

Now, I can understand how they got in the bin.  It was sitting on the floor right next to my table.  What I don't get is how they managed to worm their way down to the bottom of the bin.  I actually looked inside a few times while hunting.  Didn't see them.  They were hiding.  But now they are found.

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2 Responses to Found

  1. mad-tante says:

    Keep your eyes on those puppies. Obviously, they're intelligent and now that they've learned they can evade you for some days, they're certain to try again.

  2. Brenda says:

    I know. I took them back upstairs very quickly before they had a chance to communicate with any of the tools in my studio. I only hope I was fast enough! 8:-)

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