Snowmen in April

My friend Barbie Jo has designed a new quilt and she sent the top to me the other day for quilting.  It's so cute I can hardly stand it.  She does the best stuff!

This quilt has 6 blocks, but you can only see the top half of it here.

This is the quilt that will be photographed for the front of the pattern.  When approaching such a project I do my best to keep the quilting as a background element.  It should enhance the quilt, but not draw attention to itself.  After all, Barbie Jo is looking to sell her design work, not mine.

I always start her quilts by stitching in the ditch around all the appliques and piecework.  After I am finished with that I analyze the project for areas that need more stabilization so the quilt will hang well.  For this piece the only areas I quilted were the borders, hats, and faces.  I couldn't resist the urge to quilt snowflakes in the corner squares using white thread.  Their shapes mimic the stick arms on the snowmen.

When I had my quilt store I had wonderful success with her patterns.  They were very popular with my customers.

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One Response to Snowmen in April

  1. mad-tante says:

    Yes, the snowmen are adorable but the snowflake needlework is even happier.

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