It's not perfect, but I've accomplished a great deal in the past week. 

This is the one section of the room that was under control and, I'm happy to say, it still is. 

Most of what you see piled on the tables are finished quilts that I'm not ready to put away and projects in prgress.

Now that's a clean cutting table!

I've been quite busy during the past week.  In addition to straightening up this room:


I attended a quilt guild board meeting.


I took my sister to the airport in the morning and quilted a comforter for a customer in the afternoon.


I left before 7:00am to attend the Muskogee Quilt Show and did not return home until about 8:00 that evening.


Pieced, quilted, and bound 8 placemats for Meals on Wheels to be turned in at Tuesday's guild meeting.  Prepared a quilt back for one of my own quilts.


Typed up the board meeting minutes in the morning.  In the afternoon I took my mother to the doctor and then took Pam out to run a few errands.


Spent the majority of the day catching up on my filing and paperwork.  Attended a quilt guild meeting in the evening.


Spent all day at Sooner Quilts sewing.


Attended another guild meeting in the morning.  Quilted a quilt for a customer in the afternoon.

Now to tackle the upstairs sewing room. 

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