BOB Challenge

My monthly small group meeting is tonight.  We have a challenge due.  This month's color challenge was to use a triadic color scheme.  I chose blue violet, yellow green, and red orange.  As promised, I played around with tint, shade, and tone. 

I also managed to make the entire quilt with materials that were already in hand.  I did not spend one single penny.

The inspiration for the piece was the floral fabric that I fractured for the background.  The butterflies are from Darcy's book Butterfly Dance.  I enjoyed slowing down and taking the time to hand applique and embroider the butterflies. 

Our next challenge is to do a monochromatic piece.  I haven't started working on it yet, but in my mind's eye it's already done!

Before that's due I have another challenge due for the guild.  For that one I must use at least one circle in my design.  I've already got it all figured out as well!

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