The Mother Road

My friend Brenda brought this quilt top to me for quilting.  The pattern is one of my own.  It's called "The Mother Road" and I designed it as a block of the month that I used in my shop in 2007.  She's the first member of the class to get hers quilted (my top is done, but still waiting in line for time on the machine).  The finished top measures 108" x 108".  I thought I was never going to get the whole thing quilted!

Each student chose her own color scheme.  Brenda took hers one step further by making it scrappy.  I used to do this with my quilts all the time back in the day when I quilted strictly as a hobby.  It takes so much longer to cut out the pieces this way that I rarely do it anymore, but I absolutely love the results.

Brenda chose to have me quilt this with turquoise thread.  I think it was the perfect choice.  She let me do whatever I wanted in the way of quilting designs and I'm quite pleased with the final results.


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4 Responses to The Mother Road

  1. Emjay says:

    Wow! This is incredible. I love it!!!

  2. Brenda says:

    Thanks. Each block represents a different state on Route 66. I didn't intend for the quilt to be this big, but it refused to be any smaller! 8:-) Of all the color variations people chose I think I like this one the best.

  3. Beautiful. Would you be interested in selling this quilt pattern? It's amazing!

  4. Brenda says:

    Would you be interested in selling this quilt pattern? Absolutely! 8:-)

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