New Wall

Ken and I finally got around to making and hanging a design wall for my studio.  It was very easy to do.  We purchased two sheets of insulation – 4' x 8' each.  Step one was to draw out a 2" inch grid on the blank sides of the sheets using a fine tip Sharpie.  Then we sprayed the sheets with adhesive and laid out plain white flannel on them.  After the flannel was smoothed out we flipped the sheets over, folded the extra flannel to the back, and taped down the edges.  After drilling holes into the brick wall we screwed the sheets to the wall using 1 1/4" washers so the screws wouldn't pop all the way through the insulation sheets.  Not bad for one afternoon's work!

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1 Response to New Wall

  1. mad-tante says:

    You're really going to use that!

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