Time for a challenge

I'm a bit behind in my postings.  I've had two challenges come due this month and haven't posted about either of them.

The first challenge was for the Edmond Quilt Guild.  The rules were simple.  The quilt should finish around the size of a fat quarter and must contain at least one circle in the design.  Here's what I came up with.

My next challenge is for BOB.  It's due tomorrow.  This is the latest of our color challenges.  The requirement this time was to work with a monochromatic color scheme.  For some reason the girls decided I've been making too many fractures lately so they told me I wasn't allowed to do one this time.  Little did they realize that I had no intention of making one anyway. 

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4 Responses to Time for a challenge

  1. How Piet Mondrian of you! Lovely!

  2. mad-tante says:

    Tiny bubbles and Piet? You're a vision of pop culture 😀

  3. Brenda says:

    I'm rather pleased with it. About 7 years ago when I first started machine quilting for the public the very first custom quilting job I did was a king size Mondrian done in the usual primary colors. I quilted it in exactly the same as this one, but failed to get any photos of it. I liked it so much that I've always wanted to recreate it, and now I have (though this one only measures 18" x 22"!).

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