State Fair

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Every year when we go to look at the exhibits Ken checks out the wood turning entries and comments that he could do at least as well as the items on display and that he's going to enter the next year, but he never does.  This year I literally sat on him and made him enter a couple of items.  Guess what?  He won blue ribbons on both of them!!  Way to go Ken.  (Hopefully I won't have to sit on him again next year.)

Some of these pictures are out of focus because my camera has autofocus and tends to key in on the glass fronts of the display cases.

There were plenty of fabulous quilts to be seen again this year.  My friend Cameron Potter won a blue ribbon with the lovely pastel number in the center of the photo.  The piece work is very simple, but her custom quilting is outstanding!

Another friend of mine, Linda Gaither, entered the show for the first time this year and won a red ribbon.

Toni Galley was so pleased with the red ribbon that she won with her very first fair entry last year that this year she entered 6 quilts and now has 6 more ribbons for her collection!

Toni 1Toni 2Toni 3Toni 4Toni 5Toni 6

Michelle Schroeder always limits herself to 3 entries and now has 3 new ribbons.

Michelle 1Michelle 2Michelle 3

There were several quilts entered by others on which I did the quilting.

Brenda DJudyKristy

I also quilted the Edmond Quilt Guild raffle quilt which I entered on the guild's behalf.  It took Best of Show!


Last, but not least, are the quilts I entered into the fair.  This year this self proclaimed ribbon slut entered 9 quilts in the fair.  Yes, I won 9 ribbons.  5 of them are blue

Brenda 1Brenda 2Brenda 6Brenda 7Brenda 8

and the other 4 are red.

Brenda 3Brenda 4Brenda 5Brenda 9

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5 Responses to State Fair

  1. Good for you! I haven't entered anything in a fair since I was in 4-H, and that was several years ago. LOL

  2. Luci says:

    Congrats to you and Ken, and all the others! I wish I could go to the best fair in the USA and see all that stuff.<giggle> you said ribbon slut.

  3. Brenda says:

    I wish I could go to the best fair in the USA and see all that stuff. All you gotta do is get your butt down here and you can go. There's certainly no shortage of free places for you to stay. you said ribbon slut. 8:-) You should see my collection!

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