One Step Closer

The third UFO of the year is now complete!  This quilt is one that I started in 2000.  It is a sampler quilt and most of the blocks are from Fons and Porter's Americana Sampler, but I omitted a few of their blocks and added a few of my own.

I've set myself a goal of having 4 UFO's completed before next week's guild meeting and as the only one I have left is a very small quilt I have no doubt the goal will be reached.  Better go quilt!

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2 Responses to One Step Closer

  1. Luci says:

    I love it! Pink and green is one of my favorites. This quilt turned out gorgeous, I can't believe it took 10 years to make it. LOL.

  2. Brenda says:

    I have UFO's that make this one look like a newborn baby! This one has a very special place in my heart which makes it one of my favorites. The project was a 6 month Saturday Sampler class at one of the local quilt shops. The first month we paid $5 to join, purchased the book, and received enough fabric to make one block. We watched a demo of tools and gadgets designed to aid in the making of that month's block. When we returned the following month with the finished block we received the fabric for the next block free and watched another demo. This continued for 6 months. Obviously, not enough fabric was handed out to complete the quilt and I'll bet I bought enough fabric over the 6 months to make a dozen pink and green quilts!We had a choice of two color ways. Either pink and green or red, white, and blue 19th century reproductions. The reproductions are near and dear to my heart (you should see my stash!) so at the last second I decided to go with the pink and green to broaden my horizons. And talk about happy coincidences! When I got home from class there was a box of Godiva chocolates waiting for me on the dining room table (it was our first wedding anniversary) and the ribbon on the box was pink and green! I used it in the quilt. It's just to the right of the stained glass frog in the lower left quadrant (gee, I wonder how a frog made it into this quilt….).In spite of my constant chatter that I don't do hand applique every single bit of applique in this quilt was done by hand. And done exceptionally well if I do say so myself! 8:-)

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