My New Baby

On Wednesday I finally broke down and bought myself a new travel size sewing machine.  I chose the Janome AQS2009.  My old travel machine is also a Janome and I've been very happy with it, but it doesn't have the versitility of this machine.  I normally shun newer computerized machines in favor of the good old fashioned machines that are all metal and mechanical, but I needed a machine with a good applique button hole stitch and this machine gives me that for a relatively small investment.  I look forward to spending many happy years with my new baby.

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5 Responses to My New Baby

  1. mad-tante says:

    Wish you could fix the buttons on my trenchcoat! They charge $3 a pop here!Enjoy your baby. Bet it'll come in handy next year when you go to that super b&b again!

  2. Brenda says:

    Wish you could fix the buttons on my trenchcoat! I'd be happy to fix them for you, but I suspect the postage would cost as much as having them done locally.

  3. mad-tante says:

    Thanks!It's going to cost about $25 and I bet you're right!I tried doing one by hand and bent a needle. Also, the effort put out to poke holes in that tough fabric and get the needle through multiplied by how many repetitions? Yeah, that's a machine job!

  4. Brenda says:

    I tried doing one by hand and bent a needle. Sounds like you need a heavier needle. And a thimble!

  5. mad-tante says:

    While I'm no good with a needle, I used the heaviest gauge that I own (nothing like a complete "home" kit with upholstery needles, though) and of course my great-grandmother's thimble and sewing scissors! As a child of the Ozarks (not modern but backwoods where family spoke Elizabethan English & we were taught to curtsy to our elders), I was meant to sew from age 3! By 8, they gave up on my sewing skills and had me try embroidery and crochet. I failed at those, too 🙂

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