A new home for the buttons

While I was in Hutchinson, KS this weekend I had the opportunity to do a bit of antiquing.  I found this great jar to put my buttons in. 

I think most serious jar collectors would be very happy to have this jar (which I now know I got for a bargain price), but I especially like it because it's a Hazel-Atlas jar. 

Both of my grandfathers worked in the Clarksburg, West Virginia factory.  One was a mold maker and the other was an inspector.

My buttons seem to be very happy in their new jar and their new home.

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2 Responses to A new home for the buttons

  1. Ladywise says:

    You bring back a lot of memories for me of my grandmother. She did all kinds of crafts including quilting. She kept buttons, zippers, snaps, and all that kind of stuff in tins. I love the idea of the mason jars though. Beautiful! I need to do a post about the times I used to spend with her. They were some of the happiest times of my childhood!

  2. Luci says:

    What a neat jar, I like the good luck on it. It's even neater that you have a personal connection to the company.

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