Hutchinson, KS

Earlier this week I was in Hutchinson, KS for my first out of state guild program and workshop.  I started in the morning doing the program for The Heart of Kansas Quilters.

They had a very large turn out and several guests.  I never grow tired of hearing the meeting leaders announce that they are experiencing a higher than usual attendance when I'm there.  It must mean I'm doing something right.

After a nice lunch at a nearby sandwich shop I taught a fractures workshop for nine students.  Due to the fact we only had an afternoon instead of a full day I brought pre-cut fabric kits for them to use.  Since all the fractures were made from the same fabric the end results weren't nearly as exciting as when everyone brings their own, but the class was a great success.


In the evening I gave my program for the Evening Star Quilt Guild. 

I found it interesting that they have two separate guilds.  They meet on the same day and in the same room, sometimes share speakers, but are otherwise completely separate.  Their personalities are very different, but I enjoyed them both very much.

This trip wasn't all work.  I took my husband along for the ride and we went up a day early to have a little play time.  We stayed at the very lovely Prairie Moon B&B which is owned by one of the members of the evening guild.  On Sunday we visited the Underground Salt Museum and on Monday while I was working Ken went to the Cosmosphere.

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  1. Luci says:

    You are becoming quite the roadie these days.

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