Making Progress

Here's the first UFO I've managed to complete this month.  All that was needed was quilting and a binding.

This kaleidoscope block was done in a Paula Nadelstern workshop I had at my shop in March 2006.  I have been a huge fan of hers from the very first time I saw one of her quilts and was so excited when my quilt guild brought her to town for a program and workshop that I just had to take advantage and have her teach in my store.  She taught a 3 day workshop for us and it was worth every penny.

My original plan was to make a large quilt with lots of blocks, but it took so long to make this one block that I knew with a shop to run I'd never have the time to make more.  Some day I would like to make a quilt with lots of these blocks, for now I'm very happy to have this one.

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4 Responses to Making Progress

  1. Brenda says:

    How big is the block? I knew you were gonna ask that question. That's a 2" grid on my design wall. The entire quilt is 20" x 20" and the block is 18" x 18" of that. At the end of the workshop I had cut out all of the pieces, but had only pieced one of the eight wedges. This is NOT a "Quilt in a Day!"

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