Yipes Stripes! and the LOL Quilters

I saw an article in the latest issue of American Quilter Magazine that prompted me to develop a new class for this fall on designing with striped fabrics.  Last week I had the opportunity to test this new class out on a group of guinea pigs ladies who call themselves the LOL Quilters.  This is a group of ladies from here in central Oklahoma and a few more from Lubbock, TX who get together every summer for an eight day quilting retreat.  The name comes not from the fact that they are laughing all the time (which they pretty much are) but from the place where they meet — Our Lady of the Lake Lodge at Lake Guthrie.  This is a small retreat center owned by the Catholic church and located just a couple of miles from my favorite quilt shop.

The class starts off with students learning to make a simple quilt block from striped fabric.  After they've made a nice stack of blocks the fun begins.  Each student works with her own blocks to create a quilt design that is uniquely her own.  The striped blocks can be used on their own to create designs as we did in class, or they can be mixed with other fabrics and blocks to create added interest in a quilt. The girls had lots of fun and the results were great. I can't wait to teach this class again.


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