I Love to Color

One thing I love almost as much as sewing is coloring.  Today I took a workshop with Irena Bluhm to learn her technique of coloring on quilts.

It's really a very simple technique.  Irena first produces a whole cloth quilt and after the quilting is done she applies the color with colored pencils.  Nothing tricky there.  The big secrets I learned in class are to quilt first-color later and after the coloring is done apply a fixative to the fabric with a paint brush so the color won't come off.

This is the little quilt I worked on in class.  After I finish coloring the last of the four motifs on this side I can flip the quilt over and color the four on the back. 

I'm contemplating using this technique to add some interest to the center section of my Same But Different quilt.  I'll have to get a piece of that gray fabric to make a test piece before attempting to color the real thing.

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One Response to I Love to Color

  1. Luci says:

    What a great idea! Even the sample is stunning, I can only imagine how pretty planned quilt would be.

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