I’m Not the Only Talented One in the Family

Now that we’ve brought our state fair entries back home I was able to get some clearer pictures of Ken’s seam rippers.

The one with the blue ribbon on it is mine.  I laid claim to it the day he made it.  The other one is for sale.  $15.

Right now it’s the only one in the house that is for sale.  Last week my friend Becky Lambert who vends at quilt shows under the business name Becky’s Stitch in Time took this entire rack full to the Springfield, MO quilt show.

I’ll bet she sold them all and now Ken’s going to have to get busy making more!

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9 Responses to I’m Not the Only Talented One in the Family

  1. emeree says:

    Wow! Those are beautiful!

  2. Gailynn says:

    Oooh, I want to buy a red one !!

  3. Jackie Beebe says:

    Those are beautiful. I want to order some, perfect for presents and one for myself too.

  4. madtante says:

    Those are so cool! To think I grew up using a pastel blue plastic-handled piece of junk.

  5. Luci says:

    OK. Where is his online shop? – because these would be a big hit. Seamrippers are one of those notions that last for a long, long time. It would be nice to have a pretty one instead of the stupid plastic ones.

    I went to a craft fair yesterday with over 200 booths. There was only one booth that I would have bought from, and she was selling turned wood goodies – wands, pens, perfume vials… That stuff ALWAYS pulls me in because they are heirloom quality pieces.

    Ken has a new fan.

    • Glad you like them. Ken hasn’t yet set up an online shop because it’s about all he can do to keep up with the local demand. He does have plans for setting one up in the future. Have no fear, I’ll keep you posted. 8:-)

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