Keeping Busy

This is the shelf where I keep the quilts of mine that are waiting to be quilted.  In order to qualify for residence on this shelf a top must not only be done, it must have backing fabric with it.  Thanks to my last two New Year’s resolutions the number of quilts on this shelf has dropped dramatically.  When I took this picture the other day there were only 5 left sitting there.  Trust me, I have plenty more finished tops floating around the house.

Over the last few days I’ve taken time out to round up backs for some more of my quilts.  Without any real effort at all I was able to place 8 more quilts on the shelf.  The tub that I pulled most of these tops from looks like I didn’t remove a thing!

In the process of doing this I emptied several fabric bolts.  Not to fear, I loaded them back up with other yardage that was lying around and my fabric shelf is still full.

I’ve also taken the time this weekend to finally quilt a wedding gift for a friend of mine who got married in April of 2009.  I designed the quilt and bought the fabric before the wedding and even made the top a few months back.  The clock is now ticking on this project though as they are expecting their first child in February and I really must give them this quilt before I make a baby quilt!

I chose to use this as an opportunity to test a new quilting pattern I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

I’m very pleased with the way it stitched up.

Right before I did the above projects I quilted a new Christmas project for my friend Barbie Jo.

There’s not much to see in the way of my quilting as all this one wanted me to do was ditch around the design elements and do some small loopies in the background and border the better to make the snowmen “pop.”

Life gets boring if one doesn’t start new projects now and then so this morning I did just that.  My friend Luci had sent me a couple of sets of embroidered blocks a while back (one set for me and one for our friend Wendi).  I haven’t completely fleshed out in my mind how I’m going to piece these two wall hangings, but I know what shapes I wanted the blocks to be cut so this morning I went ahead and did that and then framed them with black fabric to stabilize the bias edges.

Now it’s time to get back to work.  There are only three months of the year left and I can hear the clock ticking!

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3 Responses to Keeping Busy

  1. venera4 says:

    The snowflake Alice looks great. Will you put it on a background as is, or add another layer of insanity (e.g., a copy of “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” between the caterpillar and Alice)?

    • The snowflake was my first idea and the one I’m making for myself. I know that the snowflake will grow, but haven’t yet decided if there will be anymore piecing on the inside edges of the diamonds to pull the pictures out further. I think there will, but who knows how much. You’ll just have to stick around and see what I come up with!

  2. madtante says:

    I really love the blue and brown together.

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