My small group has chosen to take on a new series of challenges.  We’ve been inspired by another group’s art quilt challenge.

Our group has 14 members, which does break the symmetry a bit, but like this other group we are creating a series of 12″ x 12″ quilts that represent a given series of themes.

The rules are simple.  Each piece must finish at 12″ x 12″, be completely finished by the due date, and represent the chosen theme.  Beyond that it’s whatever your heart desires. There will be a piece due every other month.

Last month we began the process with each of us taking two small pieces of paper and writing one word on each piece.  Any word.  All the pieces were then put into a bowl, tossed, and one drawn out.  The remaining pieces are being held for our future challenges.  The first word out of the bowl was “trees.”  The finished quilts will be due at our November meeting.

I tossed around many ideas for my quilt.  Since it’s autumn I thought of doing a tree with all it’s leaves on fire.  Then I thought of doing a winter tree.  I love looking at naked trees.  The structures of the branches are endlessly fascinating to me.  I finally decided to venture off the beaten path and make a shoe tree.

My first step was to make a simple line drawing and divide it up into the sections I wanted for my machine applique.

The ground was divided into two pieces for interest.  I had initially planned to do the tree as one piece, but the scrap of fabric I had wasn’t wide enough to accomodate it.  By cutting it into two pieces it not only fit, it looks better.

The next step was to fuse my fabric down to a 12″ x 12″ piece of Timtex.  I chose this because it’s stiff enough to handle what’s to come and I have a huge roll of it for use in my postcards.

After machine stitching the raw edges of the fabric I was ready to add my shoes.  I spent a couple of hours in my favorite craft store searching for appropriate shoes.  I found and used buttons, charms, iron on appliques, and stickers for scrap booking.

After attaching all of the shoes I fused a piece of fabric to the back of the piece and satin stitched around the edge.  It’s not due for another 3 weeks and I’m finished!

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2 Responses to Trees

  1. Sarah Daneke says:

    Cute….really did turn out great.

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