Bad Day Sewing

Yes, I have them.  Fortunately they don’t come too horribly often, but today I’m having a doozy.

I decided that today was going to be the day to make the pieced borders I want for the top and bottom of that star quilt I’m working on.

It had taken a while to figure out how to use the kokopeli fabric that was included with the project.  There wasn’t enough of it for the idea I had in mind, but that was resolved a couple of weeks ago while I was in Joann’s looking for something else.  A woman brought a bolt of that very fabric to the cutting table.  I now know where it came from and can get more.  That day I bought about a yard of it.

I decided to cut in into long strips that were one square tall with a little bit of border top and bottom to match what was between the blocks.  By adding a strip of yellow fabric on each side of the star I brought the quilt to a size that required exactly 27 kokopelis top and bottom.  So far so good.

This morning I decided the time had come to piece the sections I want immediately above and below the kokopeli fabric.  I carefully measured how big my triangles needed to be, cut all 220 of them and sewed them into pairs.

My next step was to lay them out on the cutting table along with the kokopeli to decide exactly what order I want the colors to fall.  Uh oh….I cut them all too small.  And in order to cut new ones the right size I’d have to go buy new fabric.  Hmmm…..

After a little deliberation (and hopefully careful measurement) I decided I could remove the spaces from between the kokopeli squares and the triangles would fit just fine.  So I proceeded to do just that.  Of course, now the border strips are 6 squares too short to fit across the quilt.  Tomorrow I’ll head over to Joann’s and hopefully purchase some more of the little dancers.

I can’t help thinking that my problems stem from the woman who started this quilt trying to tell me she doesn’t like my border idea.  In order to set her mind at ease I laid the fabric out on my cutting table for her to see and will leave it there until I’m ready to get back to work on it.  I sure hope she comes to like it as much as I do.

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4 Responses to Bad Day Sewing

  1. Brenda says:

    When quilts are rescued they shouldn’t be criticized too much. I think it’s going to be spectacular–so go girl!

    • Thanks, Brenda. I can always count on you girls to cheer me along. I really like the way it’s turning out, I’m just bummed that I cut all those triangles too small. It was a bonehead move that I know better than to make. Oh well, maybe the fix will look better than the original would have. I love it when that happens.

  2. madtante says:

    I love the colors. They’re happy!

    • They are happy colors! I was able to successfully purchase the kokopeli fabric I need to expand the borders. Along with about 10 yards of fall and Halloween fabric I don’t need….It was on sale! 8:-)

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