Tree Challenge

Tuesday was the due date for my small group’s tree quilts.  Not everyone met the deadline, but most of us did.

It was interesting to see what everyone did.  And very amusing to see the duplication of ideas.

Brenda D and Gailynn both did close ups of knot holes.

Debra and I both did shoe trees.

Alice’s quilt is not unlike Laura’s in composition.

I didn’t get a picture of Laura’s because she was not with us on Tuesday evening (something about her new granddaughter being more important than us….), but she showed it to us last month.  In the sky area she had hand lettered the poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer.

Becky was a bit of an over achiever and made two quilts.

Sharon was inspired to use blue for her quilt when her printer ran out of yellow ink just as she was starting to print the photo she used as a guide.  I’m a big fan of such happy accidents.

I can no longer remember which members did each of the last three quilts, but here they are.

Our challenge for January?  Virgin Mary.

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3 Responses to Tree Challenge

  1. venera4 says:

    I think that I like Becky’s second quilt best; it combines trees in two senses: as a heat engine and as a fractal object.

    Our challenge for January? Virgin Mary.

    So will you be quilting a bottle of V-8?

    • Becky’s inspiration for the second quilt was landscape drawings.

      About half of us landed on that variation of “Virgin Mary” within seconds of the paper being drawn and read. For that reason I will be leaning toward something a little less expected. I already have a plan. I just need time to execute it.

  2. Luci says:

    I love seeing how each artist interprets the challenge theme so differently, even though everybody is working in the same medium of quilting.

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