Fun With Electronics

I’ve always got my eyes peeled for something new to put in or on my quilts.  I’m getting ready to embark on a path I’ve seen no one else do just yet (though I’m quite sure someone else has done it).  It all started on my birthday weekend when we went to visit my friend John.  He was playing with some electroluminescent wire which he was planning to use for his Mardi Gras parade costume.  I quickly convinced him that I could create his costume much faster than he could because I have a sewing machine and know how to use it.

The first part of the project was to couch wire to the back of a sweatshirt spelling out the message “Show us your CRAPS.”  The wire is highly flexible, but doesn’t bend as tightly as it needs to in order to really pull off what we wanted, but the results are OK.

After this picture was taken I wrapped the remaining wire inside the shirt with black electrical tape so it no longer shines through the fabric.  That’s actually one piece of wire.  The breaks between the words were created by first wrapping the wire with black electrical tape to kill the light and then white electrical tape to blend in better with the white fabric.

The second part of the project was to create a bull’s eye for the back of John’s pants.  To create this I started with a piece of Timtex.  I fused an 8″ circle of white fabric to it and then fused red fabric on top of the white to create the target.

To this I couched down both red and white EL wire.  Again, I used just one piece of each, but this time I ran them back and forth through the Timtex and covered the wire on the backside with black electrical tape.  As you can see in the above photo you must be careful not to accidentally sew into the wire or you will break it and it will cease to work beyond that point.

After ordering new wire and replacing it I got the effect I was seeking.  I had planned to show it to you, but all I have is video and I can’t upload it at this time.

This was lots of fun to work with.  I have purchased an electroluminescent panel for myself that I plan to use in an upcoming challenge quilt for my guild.  The general subject of the challenge is nursery rhymes and the title I pulled from the bag is “I See the Moon.

I know exactly how I want to use this, but first I must make my “Joy” challenge piece.


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5 Responses to Fun With Electronics

  1. venera4 says:

    Looks way cool! I’ll try to get you some pictures from the parade!

  2. You’d better. I need to know how it looks on you! 8:-)

  3. Luci says:

    This looks WAY neato! I want to see the costume in action, and the moon quilt has my interest peaked.

    • Me too. He’d better send pictures because I not only want to see how the electronics play out I want to know how well the pants fit. Neither one of us could find white sweats or scrubs so I had to buy a pattern and make him a pair. They fit me, but….
      I can’t wait to get started on the moon quilt, but I gotta wait until “Ode to Joy” is done as it’s due first.

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