Nearly Insane

A few years ago when I owned my quilt store a group of us got together and started making Nearly Insane [1] quilts.  We stuck with it for nearly a year before we lost steam and fizzled out.  At that point I had 20 of the 98 blocks done and put them away until last month when my friend Toni suggested we get back to work on them.  We agreed to set aside the second Wednesday [2] of every month to work on our quilts.

When choosing a theme for my quilt I decided to go with bright colors and the inclusion of a licensed character in each block.[3]  At the time we were randomly choosing which blocks we would all work on.  Now I am working in order from the beginning of the book straight through to the end.

It is my plan to post my progress each month.  Rather than starting by showing all of the blocks done to date I will only show what blocks I have done during the month as well as any old ones I come to along my way.  That means this month I only have 7 blocks to show.  The two I did last month (1 & 3), the three I did yesterday (4, 5, & 7), and the two I already had done (2 & 6).

#1 - Funshine Care Bear

#2 - Pinky

#3 - Simba

#4 - Buzz Lightyear

#5 - Strawberry Shortcake

#6 - The Lion from Curious George

#7 - Bugs Bunny

At this rate it will take me two to three years to get all the blocks done.

[1] As opposed to the cult of Dear Jane which is completely nuts.  (OK, OK.  I have that book, too, and I’ve been collecting fabric for years, but I haven’t made any blocks yet.)

[2] We usually go to our favorite quilt shop on Wednesdays for a sew day, but have had to skip the last two weeks due to apocalyptic snowfall.

[3] I have limited my character choices to what I can find on commercially printed fabric.

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2 Responses to Nearly Insane

  1. Debra Lea says:

    I am now convinced you are insane! How big are those blocks anyway? It really should be cute when you finish, someday….

    • You needed this to convince you? 8:-)

      The blocks finish at 6″ The three blocks I pieced on Wednesday only took me a total of three hours and that includes choosing the fabrics. That ain’t bad.

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