Still Crazy

I haven’t posted in the last month because I haven’t been quilting much.  At least, not for customers.  Not a good way to earn money.  But I have been to three quilt camps since last I was here.  Perhaps I’ll talk about those later.

Wednesday was Nearly Insane Day and I did get a goodly amount of work done.  I completed three blocks (11, 14, 15) and worked past a few that were already done (12, 13, 16).

11 - Clifford the Big Red Dog

#11 - Clifford the Big Red Dog

#12 - Timon

#13 - Crocodile from Curious George

#14 - Belle

#14 - Belle

#15 - The Grinch

#16 - Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny

If I remember correctly, this last block is the very first one that I made.

You won’t likely see much progress next month or the one after.  Block #17 has a fair number of pieces, and #18 has 229!  Since I haven’t started either one of them yet it could take me a bit of time to get through them.  Gee.  I’ve made whole quilts with less work than #18.

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