This last word challenge has been a tough one.  I’ve spent most of the last two months trying to figure out what I wanted to do.  I’ve had lots of ideas, but kept rejecting them all.  One theme I kept going back to again and again was my version of the TSA profile of a terrorist.  I kept envisioning images of little old ladies and small children clutching teddy bears.

Finally I decided to do a simple profile of myself.

I chose 9 fabrics that represent various facets of my personality.  Starting at the top left and working across the rows:

1.  This is Dorothy being transported to OZ by the tornado.  She represents the period of my life when I was in grad school studying meteorology and chasing storms as well as my continued fascination with severe weather.

2.  This little frog is an obvious example of my extensive frog collection (I had a huge bin of fabrics to choose from).  I picked a frog with a crown on her head to reflect my queenly state.

3.  I am very much in love with snowflakes.  Again, I had an entire bin of fabrics to choose from for this.  I love them for their geometry, symmetry, physics, meteorology, etc.  What’s not to love about a snowflake?

4.  I’ve been in love with astronomy since I was a small girl.  It was my plan to be an astronomer from the time I was in the third grade up until I was in college.  I gave it up for a really stupid reason, but have not regretted the change of career path.  I still love the subject.

5.  Pinky not only represents my love of cartoons, but my views of myself.  I can be every bit as clueless as he is and seem to lead just as charmed a life.

6.  I love kaleidoscopes.  In fact, I have a collection of the them.  Just bought a new one last month that I really should blog about at some time.

7.  Lightning.  Did I mention that I love severe weather?

8.  A protractor and rulers.  I am crazy about math.  Really should have majored in that when I went to college instead of physics.  And geometry is my favorite branch of mathematics.

9.  Daisies.  I love flowers and daisies are among my favorites.  I have a whole bed of them that I can see right now while I’m sitting here in front of the computer.

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