Taking My Own Advice

I’ll start off by mentioning that I did not forget to post the results of our “Doorway” challenge.  When we had our meeting last week Tommy Lou’s air conditioner was on the fritz so we met in her sun room which has its own stand alone unit.  This threw us off just enough that not one single person thought to get out her camera and take pictures.  I’ll get what pictures I can at the guild meeting next week and show them.

During the past week I managed to quilt several wall hangings in preparation for the state fair.  Two of them are also class samples and the third one is for my friend Wendi.  It uses some machine embroidered blocks that our friend Luci made.  She stitched up a set for me and a set for Wendi.

To avoid making the same quilt twice I cut my blocks into a different shape than I did Wendi’s.

My original plan was to use completely different fabrics and piecing designs to come up with a completely different quilt, but while I was working on Wendi’s I kept seeing the same fabrics and basic designs with my blocks.  As I was quilting it dawned on me that regardless of what I do with my blocks I have a series of two related quilts here.  After this revelation I decided to stop fighting the images in my mind and go for it.  This is a grand opportunity to see what a simple shift in geometry does to the design process.  And I have the added challenge of figuring out how to make that eight fold symmetry fabric work in a six fold symmetry design!

All I need now is the time to work on my quilt.

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4 Responses to Taking My Own Advice

  1. Debra Lea says:

    Those are too cute! Alice in Wonderland black work???

  2. Luci says:

    Well, obviously, I love it! I can’t wait to see how Wendi’s turns out as well. Keep me posted on the State fair results! Great use of the blocks – and rather quickly too, less than a year?

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