Yes, I’ve been rather quiet lately, but I hope to correct that.  Last night was my small group meeting and our latest 12 x 12 challenge was due.  The word was bird.  We really outdid ourselves on this one.  Some of the girls even made more than one quilt.

First up to show what they had done was Debra.  She made two quilts.  Her first effort wasn’t working for her so she tossed it aside and tried a new one.  This is what she came up with.

After it was done she decided to revisit her first idea and made it work.  I really haven’t decided which one I like better.

Next we have Brenda W’s entry.

All five of those wings are double sided and really do button/unbutton.  That means you can change them around to suit your mood.  Too cool!

Next Brenda D. showed us a two sided quilt.  This first side is actually the back of the quilt.

She didn’t think anyone would really get it (it’s a statement on why birds should not be allowed to take vacation photos) so she did a second design which is the front of the quilt.Personally, I prefer the back of the quilt.

Alice took a completely different path and gave us a portrait of one of her favorite basketball players.

I took this opportunity to practice a little thread painting.  I tried to convert one of my quilted peacock feathers it something a little more interesting.

Janice gave us a beautiful bird of paradise.

Gailynn’s unfinished entry was a mola.  It had some real dove feathers attached to it.

Becky got really carried away with the theme and brought us three quilts.  The first one was supposed to have a crane’s shadow appliqued over the piece, but when she saw the perfect intersection in the center she just couldn’t bear to bring herself to cover it up!

Her second entry shows a view from above looking down into a bird’s nest.  Yes, those red diamonds are baby bird beaks.  THEY ARE HUNGRY!!

Those are real peacock feathers in this last quilt.  She covered them with tulle and then quilted them into place.Laura was inspired by the painted buntings who visit her bird feeder twice a day.

Sharon’s yard bird has real googly eyes.  I love googly eyes!

Debi gave us an owl petroglyph.  The leaves around the edge are silk leaves that fold over onto the back of the quilt.

Sarah brought us a toucan that isn’t quite finished yet.

Our next challenge word is “harmony.”

After sharing our challenges we moved on to the regular show and share portion of the program.  Debi brought in a piece she’s making for her husband Bart’s office.

Brenda W is tired of her relatives throwing away birthday cards that she pays a lot of money for so this year she decided to make her own cards in hopes they’ll hang on to them.

Becky created this flag as a retirement gift for one of the generals on base who will be retiring in November. 

Can you see the eagle’s head in the blue field?  That was really an accident, but we won’t tell!  8:-)

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5 Responses to Bird

  1. Brenda D. says:

    Great recap of the event! Glad you liked birds on vacation, I thought it was a “hoot” but as you said I wasn’t sure how well others would respond to the concept.

  2. I had a great day in Stillwater so am sorry I wasn’t at the meeting to see the real pieces. I spoke at the morning and evening program of the Stillwater Quilt Guild. We enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones. Thanks for posting these pictures–really loved all of them. Charlotte

  3. venera4 says:

    I’m shocked that nobody went with the frug:

  4. duhbe says:

    My blog reading is further behind than your blog writing. But I always love seeing these challenge results and how everybody interprets things so differently. The diversity is just as fun as the artwork.

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